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Paolo Granata

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Paolo Granata  es profesor titular de la cátedra "Marshall McLuhan and Print Culture" del St. Michel College en la Universidad de Toronto, luego de 15 años en la Universidad de Bolonia, Italia, donde desarrolló su carrera académica en la investigación.

Nurtured by the century-old tradition of his Alma Mater, Professor Granata’s research and teaching interests lie broadly in the area of Aesthetics, Medium Theory, Heritage Communication, Visual Culture. He has authored a number of essays and book-chapters published in Italian, English, French, and Spanish. His main books are: Arte in Rete (2001), Arte, estetica e nuovi media (2009), Mediabilia (2012), and Ecologia dei media (2015); his latest works is the upcoming Introduction to Media Ecology (2018).

From 2015 to 2017, he was Visiting Professor and Program Curator at the McLuhan Centre for Culture & Technology, University of Toronto.

Currently he is the Coordinator of the Book & Media Studies program at UofT, Curator of the McLuhan Salons series, and Chair of the Toronto School Initiative. He is a board member of the Media Ecology Association.

As a cultural strategist and champion of urban sustainable development, he is also involved in a bid to designate Toronto as UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts.

Professor Granata aims to raise public awareness about the role that Universities should play in the 21st century: to provide an environment of social cohesion; to create the conditions for human development; and to strength participation in cultural life.